TRENZA Scholarships


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TRENZA Scholarship Winners!!!!

3. 2014 Denise Daniela Castro

from Highland High School in Palmdale, CA

"With the TRENZA scholarship I am one step closer to my fulfilling my dream of attending college and working towards a better future for abandoned and abused animals. I want to give a huge thanks to all the members of the TRENZA organization for giving me this wonderful opportunity. Thank you so much for supporting me in my journey to college." 

4. 2014  Dulce Lopez

from Valley High School in Santa Ana, CA

"I would like to thank members of TRENZA for providing resources to many deserving students that just as me, are determined to achieve higher education and become the future community leaders. Moreover, I would like to thank TRENZA for their hard work and for choosing me as a recipient of such an honor."

1. 2013 Stephanie Lizeth Navarrete

from King Drew Magnet High School of Science and Medicine in Los Angeles, CA.

 "Receiving the TRENZA scholarship is an honor. As a low income student, the TRENZA scholarship serves as my incentive to seek higher education. With respect and warm gratitude, I want to thank the TRENZA organization for believing in my success and giving me the opportunity to enhance my education."


2.  2013 Sharon Herrera

from Mission High School in San Francisco, CA.

"I am so proud and thankful for this scholarship because college is possible for me now. By receiving this award, I let my parents know that I have worked  hard for them and for myself."